Thursday, April 8, 2010

Word of the day: "Sure did!"

Failed my attempt to "Master the art of 1-hour dinner meal".  Sure did. :-(
Passed the "puto-making" test.  Sure did! :-)
Loved my Pinoy Spagetchup. Sure did! :-)
Burned most of my croutons. Sure did! :-(  BUT...
Hubby loved my home-made Ceasar Salad Dressing. Sure did!!!!!!!!!! :-) 
Ruined my Pork Sinigang last night. Sure did!!!!!!! :-(

1-hour Dinner Meal Story:
Are you kidding me? I finished in what.. 2,3 hours? Well that's with shower and facebooking and other distractions in between.. 

-I easily get distracted with other stuff. 
-I do everything manually, no special choppers etc. 
-My knife is not as sharp as Rachel Ray's. 
-I prefer home-made stuff as much as possible. No instant dressings/marinades - it makes me feel more productive. 
-I like taking off chicken skins and visible fat cuz it makes "Dubai" chicken taste bleccchh... 
-I like making/baking desserts.

Ok, am I excused now? ;-P

Sinigang Story:
First, we live in a Muslim country where pork is not readily available and has to be bought from special stores with pork-selling license. Being some sort of pork-deprived for some time, we were looking forward to some hearty Pork Sinigang last night, and I prepared it hours ahead. As a final touch, I added some "gabi".  But this "gabi" turned out to be wild or something and it caused my entire hand to itch soooo bad.. soap didn't work.. and i even tried rubbing coarse salt on my hand hoping it would scrub the itch away.. Well it didn't. And hubby and I didn't wanna risk getting an allergic reaction from it. Sad to say, we had to throw the entire sinigang and make do with leftovers. *sob*

Kitchen Reminder:
Be careful with unfamiliar rootcrops specially when abroad. You never know if it's an evil variety. (And you have no one to ask!) Grr.


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