Thursday, April 8, 2010

Put some Put-o on my plate!

Look Ma, it's my very own PUTO PAO! :-)

This is my 2nd time to make puto. My first in making puto pao. :-)
I just got the recipe online. I substituted the minced pork asado filling with minced chicken and it worked perfectly well. :-)
I tried experimenting with Green Tea flavor. Put some matcha powder for a change. Tastes like a dense green tea cupcake.. If you don't know that it's puto you'd probably say it's yum-o. But for puto, I admit it's kinda weird something "new".  :-)

As for the White Puto... Yessir, it's really P-U-T-O! But still not like the Puto Pao from Batangas that I like.. (the super-white kind -light, fluffy, a bit crumbly.. almost looks like siopao but a little sweeter) Can anybody please send me the recipe? Thanks!

This is my "breakfast baon project" for hubby this week. Quite a good choice.. just eggwhites, flour, sugar, and no fat! not bad for a healthier option!


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