Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gone Loco over Choco!!!

My love affair with chocolates is spinning out of control. In a month, I use PMS as excuse for almost 2 weeks.. and when "the day" comes, I'm excused again for a while.. On other days, it's "migraine"... or "low blood sugar", or "that my lola trained me to always have dessert.." or as simple as "I have sweet tooth, I just can't resist".

I've so far mastered the puppy-dog-eye look and hubby can only laugh and shake his head as I walk out the chocolate store with a bag of goodies, and a "sparkle" in my eyes. Aaaahh.. *heaven*...

So I thought... why don't I try my hand at making home-made chocolates, give it as Christmas presents, or even sell it too!

My parents are in the US right now visiting my sisters, and now's my chance to order some stuff from Amazon through them.. Uhmm... I'm actually thinking of asking these for  "pasalubong"... They asked me what I wanted, anyway! I'm sure they're gonna buy me some stuff, so I might as well request for something I really need like. *teehee*
My cocoa-filled heart (and veins) is pumping with excitement.. I simply can't wait to get my hands on these chocolate paraphernalia :-)

Here are what I plan to order... I hope it's not too much... it just costs as much as a pair of shoes --even cheaper! ;-D (Thanks Mymy and Daddooooooo!!!)



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